About us

The purpose of InsightAir is to improve air quality. We do this by gaining insights through the installation of air quality sensor networks.

InsightAir is an innovative European company whose purpose is to provide air quality sensor networks, in order to monitor and analyze permanently the air quality. This online and cloud based monitoring system is the central theme of InsightAir.

Consequently InsightAir offers solutions to improve air quality. With a proven track record in manufacturing companies, medical institutes, clean room environments and university hospitals, InsightAir is your trusted partner in the field of air quality. InsightAir is your first partner in the fight against Sick Building Syndrome.

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Why to choose us

High quality of products
The data deliverd by the InsightAir’s sensor network outperforms the data generated by professional air quality device, measuring only a single point in the time and space.
Affordable prices
Much valuable and accurate insights can be gained from multiple locations logging via InsightAir’s sensor network at affordable prices compared scientific devices.
Experienced professionals
Our experienced team is passionate about air quality, creating innovations and giving insights to our partners.