Air Quality as a factor for choosing working place

Most of the people when choosing the best working position are often moved by the salary, location or career opportunities, but there is a new consideration getting more important nowadays: quality of life. There is a huge impact of the global environmental problems and some regions like Asia are highly impacted of the escalating air pollution.

Around 10% of the entire region is affected by respiratory deceases and other related illnesses spreading fast due to the high volume of economic activities. Outdoor and especially indoor pollution are important factors for the environmental risks and the employee health. Many decades of unbridled growth and lax environmental laws have taken a devastating toll on China and its workforce, especially its urban areas.

Many people working in the northern parts of China are aware of the pollution there, since the regular measuring of Particulate matter (PM) is as usual as the percentage chance for rain of temperature.

PM 2.5 are very hazardous and all outdoor activities as jogging or commuting by bicycle without wearing a mask, could lead to a serious health issues in the future. Some of the companies there are trying to fight the problem through providing air cleaners in the offices, offering educational programs or allowing flexibility in the working schedule on the days with high levels of PM, but this is still not enough for the problem to be fully targeted.

It is very important the awareness to raise in the society as well the right resources to be used in the pollution reduction, not only in Asia but in the other parts of the world. To solve these formidable environmental problems, Asia and the international community must rely on human ingenuity and innovation to clean up the mess we left for our children—the world’s future workforce. Asia’s governments, employers, and people are focused on the continued growth of the region’s economies, but these endeavors cannot reach their full potential if pollution and unhealthy conditions undermine the productivity of Asian workforces.