Air quality sensor network by InsightAir

An air quality sensor network gives insight in the indoor climate en alerts via e-mail/sms when set limits have been exceeded. With this information, one can optimize ventilation or energy use. At a low cost, the indoor environment can be improved and the energy use can be lowered. A better indoor air guarantees better work and learning results, a lower sickness leave and lower energy costs.

InsightAir Europe provides its clients with air quality sensor networks which in turn gives 4D insights in the air quality (space and time), comprising at least 2 sensors for the same parameter. These sensors log their data to the cloud.

Why improve indoor air?
We spend 80% – 95% of our time indoors.
Insufficient ventilation is not healty.
Bad indoor air negatively influences learning and working results
Building consume 40% of all energy.
1 °C less means 7% less energy consumption!
Better indoor air reduces the risk on Sick Building Syndrome
Because air is a volatile medium, the only way to gather good insights in the air quality in a certain location is to cover the spatio-temporal aspect of the air. Single point measurements (space and time) do not give a proper insight. The coincidence factor is way too high with single point measurements.

Access to the internet portal
You can log in via a secured server, storing all your data safely. Subsequently, you can view the measurement data in the different screens of the dashboard. You can compare different air quality sensors in the air quality sensor network. You can view a selected time frame for each sensor. On top of this, you can install alerts for every sensor in the air quality sensor network.

What is needed?
For each location, you need a gateway and a minimum amount of air quality sensors. The gateway makes the connection between the sensors and the secured server. The gateway makes sure the measurment data are transmitted via an internet or mobile connection to the secured server. You choose which parameters you want to measure.

Separate air quality sensors
Of course extra sensors can be installed at any time. Air quality sensors form together the air quality sensor network – a mesh-network. This means the sensors will indepently search for the most optimal route to the gateway. The sensors can gap a distance of 30 meters inside a building, depending on wall or other obstacles. In the free field, the sensors can go up to 100 meters.

Extra routers for your air quality sensor network
When the sensor are too distant from each other, an extra router may be installed, to strengthen the signal.

Which service can you expect for your air quality sensor network?
You have a service from InsightAir, in which you have 24/7 access to your secured portal. This service can be used anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection and a browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

InsightAir guides the customer to true insights by covering the different aspects of air quality sensor networks in that way that delivers the most insight for that particular customer. Different variables play in this:

Type of sensor (highly accurate, low price, validated, …)
Type of connection (WIFI, GPRS, LoRa, …)
Dashboard (alarms, reporting, …)
Desired accuracy (statistical approach)
InsightAir Europe has relations with a lot of different suppliers to cover the problems of the customer.

Sensor networks add to the accuracy and precision of the measurements and give spatio-temporal insights.

Amount of measurement data
Each sensor will measure its own parameter with its own frequency. Most of the time, values are measured every second or minute. The dashboard displays normally every 10 minutes the current value and saves it to its database. Optionally, more data with smaller time intervals can be displayed and saved, making your air quality sensor network a powerful tool to monitor your air quality.

Data storage
Standard all data are saved in a sliding window of 3 months. Data can be exported in .csv-format any time.

What is the investment for my air quality sensor network?
The pricing is simple. You pay per component a one time fee and a monthy cost. Each air quality sensor network needs a portal, a gateway and 2 sensors. Afterwards you can add sensors virtually without limitations.

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