InsightAir at the annual conference IoT Stars during WMC 2019

InsightAir Europe was chosen as one of the most innovative Internet of Things (IoT) companies, presenting in front of a top-notch jury of IoT Stars and many delegates from the World Mobile Conference at Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona on 25.02.2019. During the event many of the masterminds of IoT were sharing their vision for the future of IoT, 5G networks as well the future of the drone solutions with various applications.

On the behalf of InsightAir Europe, Lyubka Alexandrova had the honor to present the possibilities of air quality sensor networks as well the drone for the air quality. Some of the most important points to be mentioned during the presentation were related about rising the awareness about the global problem of the pollution, which is not only an environmental issue, rather a problem with a much bigger impact indoors. It was explained that only by constant monitoring of the air quality, people can understand the real condition of the environment that they are inhabiting.

Internet of Things brought entire new dimension in the field of the air quality. Thanks to the IoT, nowadays we are able to build networks for air quality measurements, where many sensors are connected, giving clear insight of the problem, which is the pollution. Consequently IoT is of huge importance not only to evaluate the environmental issue, but also to help improve the air quality, as well the quality of life indoors. Smart technology connecting the sensor networks and the building management system helps the optimization of the ventilation use and energy consumption, which is very useful tool for industrial, commercial or even private purposes.

The InsightAir drone for air measurements combined with our sensor networks, allows very accurate 4-dimensional modelling of the air quality in difficult to reach for human places. Those can be chemical, pharmaceutical or food manufacturing companies, which are emitting various chemicals in the environment.