Cleanroom Monitoring

Measuring the air quality in controlled environments for production companies – cleanroom monitoring

cleanroom monitoring

What are cleanrooms?

Modern manufacturing and industrial facilities are producing various products in cleanroom environments. Such facilities typically have an extreme high cleanliness level, aiming at very low levels of particulates (i.e. dust, airborne organisms or vaporized particles). The constant rise of the quality standards, which the customers, partners and stakeholders are demanding, requires higher cleanliness standards. This results in the need for cleanroom monitoring.

Standards for cleanrooms

The compliant standard for cleanrooms’ design and building is ISO 14644. It specifies the classification of air cleanliness in terms of the concentration of airborne particles in such environments. More specifically, the standard ranges from ISO 3 (extremely clean, no contamination) to ISO 8 (the lowest level).

Production managers set a clear and fixed minimum air quality standard needed for their production processes. It is mandatory it relates to the maximum amount of particles in the air, defined by the above mentioned standard. ISO 7 is often the minimum level of cleanliness for manufacturing areas. In order to achieve the qualified these standards, InsightAir has an in-house monitoring service for which it collaborates with well-known manufacturing companies.

Cleanroom monitoring by InsightAir

The aim of InsightAir is to help its cleanroom partners to gain a continuous real-time insight of the air quality. By doing so, you can execute crucial decisions and changes on time and thus avoid exceeding the maximum allowed particle concentrations.

InsightAir offers a unique air quality sensor network by installing several particle counters continuously monitoring the number of air particles. This InsightAir Cleanroom Sensor visualizes the air quality on our dashboard, designed and customized to the needs of each production company. The historical data is saved to InsightAir’s cloud server, allowing easy reporting and retrospective analysis of the air quality. Alerts are sent through e-mail or SMS, when certain maximum particle concentrations are exceeded.

Advantages of InsightAir’s Cleanroom sensor

The installation of our InsightAir Cleanroom sensor network has multiple benefits. As already mentioned, it helps avoiding exceeding maximum allowed particle concentrations. Further, a proper insight in the air quality results in higher quality output and less fall-out during the production processes. Moreover, the data generated by our sensors helps choosing the right types of air purification systems in order to improve the air quality even more.

With more than 15 years, the InsightAir colleagues have a broad experience with different air cleaning technologies such as mechanical filtration, ionization, electrostatic precipitation, photocatalysis and chemisorption. In other words, InsightAir’s networks ensure you will meet your project requirements and even exceed your customer’s expectations for product quality.