Monitoring air quality in University Hospital Leuven

Good air quality is a must in the medical sector. Particle monitoring can be beneficial, among other things, to ensure good air quality. Read below how InsightAir has set up a Medical sensor network at the University Hospital of Leuven.


UZ Leuven

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What ?

Installation of a Medical Sensornetwork for the airquality in the University Hospital (UH) Leuven.



In a nutshell

A hospital is the mecca of well-being and recovery. The level of cleanliness plays a major role in promoting the health of patients on the one hand, but also employees on the other.

To ensure the hygiene in hospitals, it is important to monitor the indoor air, especially the small air particles. Such particles are carriers of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, algae, fungi…) which in turn can be extremely harmful to our health.

In order to monitor the internal air quality within the University Hospital of Leuven, they installed the InsightAir Medical Air Quality (MAQ) sensor network. This sensor network measures the air quality (AQ) in 4 dimensions and particle monitoring is possible at multiple locations. UH Leuven can now view the fluctuations in the AQ 24/7, because they permanently have direct access to the InsightAir dashboard. That’s the place where the registered data comes together which the hospital can easily share with internal colleagues.

The complete story

To maintain a good indoor air quality, it is extremely important to monitor the smallest air particles. Those particles are carriers of micro-organisms, also known as microbes, which can have an (in)direct harmful effect on human health. Obviously, such organisms are absolutely not welcome in a medical environment.

Measures already taken

The University Hospital of Leuven already had a strict plan to monitor air quality. Employees had to manually do the measurements daily.


Although this was not a wrong way to monitor AQ, there are some disadvantages:

  • Handheld particle monitors are relatively expensive;
  • They only measure single points (time and space);
  • Since humans continually produce particles, they can influence the results of the measurements;
  • This type of monitoring is extremely time consuming.

Employees of the hospital need to do the same tour every day: go to the specific locations, take the measurements manually, download the data manually to their computer and eventually process it to an understandable material.

With the challenging task to improve this not so effective method, InsightAir installed in the premises of UZ Leuven a Medical Air Quality sensor network.


The use of InsightAir’s free-standing AQ sensor network is a progression in several ways:

  • Thanks to the 4-dimensional measurement it is possible to do particle monitoring at multiple locations and over a longer period. The monitors permanently register the air fluctuations.
  • It can log also other parameters, such as temperature and relative humidity.
  • The system is protected against external influences as no human intervention is required. The system logs fully automatically.
  • The users have access to the data anytime and anywhere via the InsightAir dashboard.
  • The data can be easily shared with colleagues.
  • Warnings can be set when certain limits are exceeded.

Thanks to the InsightAir MAQ sensor network, the employees of the UH Leuven now save much more time. They got back their return on investment in less than a year. In addition, the hospital uses our Service Level Agreement. That maintenance contract means that the monitors are repaired immediately or replaced within 24h with a spare sensor if necessary.

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