The quality of the indoor air can impact your productivity

If the working environment has a negative health impact on you, that can dramatically affect the entire productivity. As a basic rule, your working space has to be safe and comfortable, moreover it needs to be ensuring also your productivity. Many companies are starting to understand and value this perspective, trying to create more friendly environments, but as one of its aspects, the quality of the indoor air might be often overlooked.

The truth is that the quality of the air is hard to be seen, but nevertheless it extends far beyond visible pollutants like grease and smoke. For example the Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are very hard to track and contain big risks for your health and productivity. They are one of the reasons for constant monitoring of the indoor air quality to be used as a basic measure for ensuring higher productivity at the working places.

Very often the idea for improving the quality of the air is considered as very expensive and unnecessary cost for the companies. Many of the business owners are investing (if they ever consider this as an extra cost for the company) in larger and labor-automating technologies. Nevertheless the fact is that those investments cannot return in terms of productivity improvements or cost saving.

The economic and demographic effects, resulting from the huge scale of the global pollution are enormous. Taking into account the overall improvements of the air quality, it has been estimated that manufacturers saved 20 billion annually in productivity lost for the period from 2000 to 2008. Benefits like that should not be considered only for the manufacturing, rather than any other industry. Small and medium enterprises have seen huge impact when the indoor air quality has been improved.

As a first step for improving the quality of the air indoors, the ventilation system of the building/office needs to be checked. Installing a permanent or temporary AQ measuring system can be considered as well as a measure for ensuring better working environment. The bigger the airflow coming into the building, the better conditions would be ensured and concentration of pollutants would be much less. Regular cleaning of the premises is mandatory as well.

In terms of the right technologies that need to be used, good combination of air purification units/filters can create huge difference. When you monitor the indoor air quality for a longer period, that would help to identify the sources of contamination and how they affect the working areas. The correct information is one of the best known practices for improving the indoor air quality as well optimizing the environments where you are living or working.