InsightAir receives label ‘Natural, clean air’

On April the first InsightAir obtained the label ‘NATUURLIJK , SCHONE LUCHT’ (translated: ‘natural, clean air’°) thanks to a collaboration with Viridi Air. It’s cheesy to put it this way, but no, it’s no April Fools.

InsightAir provides insights of the air quality by monitoring and analyzing permanently the air quality. Thus our mission is to improve air quality. We don’t only care for the indoor air, but also the outdoor air. That being said, this label proves we are doing our part to filter also the polluted outdoor air.

How does that work?

In addition to striving for good insights into air (quality), we also try to work as environmentally conscious as possible within InsightAir itself. Thanks to the home office, unnecessary trips are postponed, but the commercial vehicles have a harmful impact, regardless of their very clean and economical drive. We would like to compensate for this by giving something back to nature.

Viridi Air gives us that opportunity by installing 100% green filters which make the air healthier. Those green filters are air-purifying trees that naturally filter the outside air from particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, NOx, ozone and CO2.

Viridi Air?

Viridi Air filters the outside air with a scientifically proven technique (Alterra, Wageningen University), elaborated in the BBA model (Soil-Tree Architecture). A detailed explanation of the filter principle is described on their website (the Viridi Air filter principle).

By applying the BBA model, Viridi Air annually filters more than 20% of the air pollution from the outside air, with 1 green filter / tree (average):

  • 22 kg – CO2
  • 5 kg – Fine dust
  • 500 gr – Ozone
  • 200 gr – Nitrogen dioxide / NOx

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