Cleanroom Monitoring @InnoSer

Read blow how the cleanroom monitoring at InnoSer went. 


InnoSer België NV

3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium

InnoSer is a contract research organization (CRO), specialized in discovery and preclinical drug development. Additionally, they are experts in Genetically Engineered Mice Model services.


The monitoring of cleanrooms in order to chart the under and overpressure of the airflow.

In a nutshell

In order to gain more insights in their building’s airflows, InnoSer requested InsightAir to do a check-up. Each space of InnoSers’ building is equipped with HVAC-systems and HEPA14. They regulate the heat, airflow, ventilation and air conditioning. But do they still work properly?

“Do the spaces still have the desired over- or underpressure?”

To run the cleanroom monitoring, InsightAir used their calibrated professional tools. Firstly, we measured the airflows of each extraction and pulse channels. Consequently, we made up a report. By doing this, we took in consideration the desired results. Finally, we have compared our results with the ones we received from InnoSer.

In conclusion, thanks to our measurements and report InnoSer now has a clear insight into the current airflows in its cleanrooms and other spaces. This way, they can make adjustments if necessary in their HVAC-systems to achieve an even more optimal result.

Find here more about our expertises in cleanroom monitoring.

Not sure if the airflows in your cleanroom still are correct? Are you struggling with contamination or odors, but you don’t know how that is possible? Then have the airflows in your rooms checked now! Do not hesitate to contact us.