Reopening of Belgian restaurants and cafes: how is the air quality?

After almost seven months being closed, the reopening of Belgian restaurants and cafes took place last weekend. Although, it is to say their terraces. Slowly, they are moving towards a complete reopening. But are they really ready for it?

In this blog you read how you can prepare the full reopening of your business. We give you tips how to measure the indoor air quality and we explain how InsightAir could be of help during and after the pandemic.

How to prepare for a full reopening of the restaurants?

A maintained Air Quality when reopening the restaurants

Whether you welcome your clients on your terrace in the open air or you invite them inside your restaurant, there are still necessary precautions to be taken. And even when people are fully vaccinated, we must remain careful in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

Horeca Vlaanderen has published a whole menu of corona measures, ranging from disinfection products, mouth masks and maximum number of customers at one table. These measures could work in an open space. But will this be enough when customers are allowed to eat inside again?

Wearing masks and keeping distance is not sufficient in indoor spaces, especially in bad ventilated spaces. And to know if your room has bad ventilation, it is crucial to monitor the air quality.

How to monitor the air quality?

A first step in monitoring the air quality is by using a low-budget CO2 sensor. This sensor measures the ratio of CO2 in the air and indicates when you need to ventilate more. A well-ventilated room has fewer virus particles in the indoor air which means that the chance of contamination with the corona virus is much smaller.

It is important to keep in mind that CO2 is not the one and only parameter to indicate COVID19, by no means. CO2 is just an easy to measure parameter and gives solely an indication. We must keep in mind there are many more parameters to take into account. Think about particulate matter, temperature, relative humidity…

Need help monitoring your indoor air quality?

InsightAir could help you manage your indoor air quality. Thanks to our InsightAir Air Quality Sensors® we can monitor up to 20 parameters.

Firstly, we focus on multiple parameters in order to get the best insights in the air quality. And secondly, by maintaining a permanent monitoring, we can ensure a specific air quality within legal regulations.

Do you also want to know how your air quality is like? Would you like some more information about our Air Quality Audit? Please contact us without obligation.

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