About us

The mission of InsightAir is to improve the quality of life indoors.

InsightAir provides sensor networks that monitor and guarantee quality the air, analyzing all parameters in real time. This online cloud based system is at the very base of our monitoring systems.

We believe that only through conscious actions to eliminate air pollutants, a lasting improvement in the human health can be expected. Furthermore, we offer complete solutions for increasing the quality of the air indoors as well specific business solutions.

For many years of experience, our team is dedicated to scientific study of airborne parameters and their impact on the human activities indoor. The knowledge of the specific business needs or end clients helps us to make the most effective proposals according to the inquiry.

In times of global pandemic, our goal is to inform the largest possible audience about the problem of the indoor air pollution, as well to give specific guidance on how to protect our health, improve our concentration and work efficiency, and how to reduce the costs for the business.

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Why to choose us

High quality of products
The data deliverd by the InsightAir’s sensor network outperforms the data generated by professional air quality device, measuring only a single point in the time and space.
Affordable prices
Much valuable and accurate insights can be gained from multiple locations logging via InsightAir’s sensor network at affordable prices compared scientific devices.
Experienced professionals
Our experienced team is passionate about air quality, creating innovations and giving insights to our partners.