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Connected through Air Quality

InsightAir Europe is young and innovative private company. InsightAir delivers air quality sensor networks, connected online through a cloud server. These air quality sensor networks are used in industrial, medical and commercial set-ups.

InsightAir Europe is providing air quality sensor networks which are giving 4D insights of the air quality (space and time), including at least 2 sensors for the same parameter. The air quality sensor network is giving insight of the indoor climate and alerts via e-mail/sms when the set limits have been exceeded. With this information correctly used, our customers can optimize the ventilation and energy consumption. Better indoor air is a guarantee for better working/learning results, a lower sickness leave and lower energy costs.

About air quality sensor network

Air quality fluctuate according to time and space of the measurements. The variations in air quality could be very big even inside the buildings, depending of the time and the place. Therefore measuring air quality with a sensor network gives one more respresentative overview of the air quality in a certain place for a longer period of time.

Ideally, our customers can consider the sensor network as a primary source of data, constantly evaluating the air quality. The data can be double checked with highly accurate measurement devices in particular cases.

Natural air quality sensor networks

The lichen is the natural partner and talisman of InsightAir. This symbiotic organism is very sensitive to air pollution and symbolizes the synergy and connection InsightAir wants to achieve with its customers throughout the world. Lichens are well known as sensitive indicators of air pollution, particularly for sulfur dioxide, which is partly related to their unique biology.

Air pollutants adversely impact not only growth, reproductive potential, and morphology, but also a wide variety of physiological processes, which also becomes reflected in ultrastructural changes. The impact of organic pollutants on lichens is not yet documented largely and is a prime area for future work, even though much work remains to be accomplished with the traditionally recognized air pollutants.

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