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CITY M air purifiers are a supplement to your existing ventilation system – and they will take care of air pollutants generated both from the outside as well as from inside your premises. Many of the harmful particles of today’s world are common indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde, fungi and various VOC:s (Volatile Organic Compounds). An unpleasant truth is that indoor air can sometimes be even more polluted than the air on an average city street.

We humans breathe on average 25 kilos of air every day, including the dust particles that come with the air. Our air purifiers will let your employees inhale a lot less unhealthy dust and bring you a more productive indoor environment. Apart from a healthier work environment, our air purifiers will decrease your need for cleaning, since they remove a large portion of the dust which is
generated daily.


• Healthier employees
• Less cleaning
• Less asthma and alergy suffering
• Reduced environmental impact
• Less odour


Air purifier for all types of indoor environments, for example hospitals, hotels, offices, homes, schools, public environments and where high quality air purification is required.
Power supply: 200 .. 240 V
Filter: H13/Molecular
Installation: Floor
Design: White, Black
Average Air purification area: 75 m2


Price: 1,589.00

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  • This filter is tested, and performance classified according to EN1822.
  • European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has awarded the certification to products that meet detailed quality requirements in keeping with the needs of allergy sufferers.
  • This filter is tested according to ISO 10121, the global test standard for molecular filters.


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