Cleanroom Sensor

The InsightAir Cleanroom Sensor is especially designed for monitoring the air quality in controlled environments where extremely low levels of pollutants are tolerated. Among others, it measures temperature, relative humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5), particles from 0,3 to 5 µm and, if requested, differential pressure. The sensor is connected through a local WiFi network or via GPRS (sim-card with monthly fee).

Applicable to: 

  • Surgery rooms
  • Cleanrooms in production areas
  • Areas where maintaining strict pressure differentials is essential to preventing cross-contamination


The Cleanroom Sensor is very easy to use. Its compact design, imagine the size of a shoebox, facilitates installations and movements of the product.

Once the sensor is in use, the data are streamed in real-time through InsightAir’s Cloud Platform, where they are saved for further analyzes. You can monitor the data at any time, from any place. On top, even more valuable and accurate insights can be gained from multiple location logging via InsightAir’s sensor network. Ideally, the sensor network can be considered as a primary source of data assessing the air quality. 

InsightAir’s Cloud is very accessible. Thanks to our manual, you can learn the insights in no time! In any case, our colleagues are glad to help decoding the information and providing outstanding service on a long-term basis. 

Additionally, we offer annual services to keep the calibration up-to-date. Furthermore, we are able to provide extended reports and create individual solutions, depending on your needs. Our customized proposals help improve the air and dedusting the specific contaminated areas of your site.

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As cleanrooms are especially designed to maintain an extremely low level of particulates (e.g. dust, vaporized particles or organisms) it is important to monitor the air quality. There are guidelines providing specific classifications and ISO class code descriptions in order to lower the possibility of contamination or particulate interference within crucial manufacturing processes. In addition, those classifications require continuous positive pressure as long as the cleanroom is in use.

Additional information


5 VDC, 500 mA (max.)

Response time

30 sec


> 10 years





Sampling Interval

Standard - 5 minutes /custom interval upon request/

Sensor modules incl.

Total air quality


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