Dust Free Industrial (DFI)

The DFI 8500 is an industrial air cleaner with a unique filter. For ceiling mounting with integrated fan / motor. One or two filters can be installed depending on the specific application. The DFI 8500 is ideally suited for filtering (fine) dust particles that are common in workshops, production locations, retail companies, warehouses, etc. The DFI 8500 not only guarantees a dust-free environment, but also years of user-friendliness.

Use at:

  • Workplaces
  • Retail business
  • Construction markets
  • Wholesalers
  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouses

The DFI ensures a dust reduction up to 90% at logistic, production and industrial workplaces. The Dust Free Industrial not only guarantees a dust-free environment, but also ease of use for many years to come. The technology is based on an innovative filtration, allowing the air cleaner to distribute clean air in a continuous cycle.

This unit reduces costs on many different levels:

  • Reduce 70% of the cleaning costs
  • Healthy working environment with 40% less absence due to illness
  • Maintenance costs up to 30% lower due to less machine failures
  • 30% savings on energy consumption


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DFI 8500 assures clean air for a fixed amount per month, covering delivery, installation, service and maintenance. Our reuse of materials helps us to contribute to the circular economy. DFI 8500 has been developed specifically for production and industrial environment such as workplaces, retail business, construction markets, wholesalers, distribution centres and warehouses



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Additional information

Height / Width / Depth

1020 mm / 970 mm / 1775 mm

Weight (net)

+/- 130 kg

Material housing




Supply voltage


Power consumption

100 to 1100 W

Thermal protection

Integrated fan

Operating temperature

Minimum – 5 C, Normal – 20 C, Maximum – 45 C