Hextio is a truly unique product

It brings consumers the highest certified clean air technology in the world, Viruskiller™, in a small and affordable package. The days when dust was the biggest problem in our indoor air quality are long gone. Nowadays, problems are bigger, particles are smaller and the results are deadlier. The market needs more than a box with fan and filters. It needs cutting edge technology.

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Particle size
Nano Particles and viruses are the most dangerous type of air pollution because they can reach the deepest parts of the lung and be transferred into the bloodstream. These are too small to be caught in HEPA filters and must be destroyed.

Test results
Our main focus as a company is in the high-end medical sector, where there is no room for deceptive marketing. We back our statements up with accredited test results and we have conducted more tests on our product range than any competitor products.

Standard air purifiers try to dazzle you with bells and whistles but are nothing more than a fan with a filter in a box. Hextio gives you cutting edge clean air technology.

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