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InsightAir’s industrial air quality sensor measures temperature, relative humidity, CO2, VOC, PM2.5 including Suspended Particulate Matter (PM100). PM100 is related to the total inhalable fraction of particles (coarse dust) in the air, which is regulated by the authorities in European countries. The sensor is connected through a local WIFI network or via GPRS (sim-card with monthly fee).

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Sensor’s data are streamed in real time through the InsightAir’s cloud platform, where data is saved for further analyzes. Unique user name and password is issued for each sensor network, where unlimited number of sensors can be added. Installation of minimum 2 sensors is required in one premise. This sensor is delivered calibrated and ready for professional use.

Application: warehouses, mining industry, package production companies, underground facilities etc.

Additional information


5 VDC, 500 mA (max.)

Response time

30 sec


> 10 years





Sampling Interval

Standard – 5 minutes
/custom interval upon request/

Sensor modules incl.

Total air quality


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