Air purifier Unit BMI

Air Purifier Unit BMI

☁ Capture virus, bacteria & PM1 particles with 99.995% efficiency
☁ State-of-the-art technology
☁ High energy efficiency EC fan
☁ Highest HEPA filter in its class (H14)
☁ Applicable in large and crowded spaces
☁ Air flow capacity up to 900 m³/h

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The Air purifier Unit BMI can be used at:

  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Dental clinics
  • Offices and meeting rooms
  • Airports and lounges
  • Hotels
  • Schools and kinder gardens
  • Bank branches
  • Gyms and sport centers

The Unit BMI is built up by three consecutive filters:

  1. G4 class pre-filter; captures coarse particles
  2. Activated carbon filter; captures VOC, formaldehyde and odors
  3. H14 HEPA filter; captures very small particles such as PM1

Why is PM1 dangerous?

The human body is capable of holding particulate matter, by just breathing through our nose and mouth. Depending on the size of the particle, it penetrates deeper into our body and organs. We can hold PM10 particles in our throat and PM2.5 particles go even further to our lungs. Moreover, PM1 particles enter our bloodstream and are therefore extremely dangerous by causing serious health problems. 

The Air Purifier Unit BMI filters such dangerous substances so you can enjoy clean and fresh air and guarantee the health of your customers or employees.

« Connect your AirCleaner. That makes sense! »

Gain more insights! 

Are you also curious about the effectiveness of your air purifier? At what times of the day is it really necessary? How many hours has it been running? Is the air better now since you installed an air purifier?

By connecting your air purifier to one of our sensors, you receive so many insights you actually cannot go without! As well as for the air purifier as for the current air quality. This way you can save costs on replacing the filters, among other things.

We have different sensors applicable in an indoor, medical, cleanroom or industrial environment. 



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