InsightAir Indoor Air Quality Controller

InsightAir Indoor Air Quality Controller features built-in IAQ sensor modules, which integrate a NDIR CO2 sensor, a laser PM2.5 sensor, a temperature sensor and a relative humidity sensor (RH & T). It can monitor and display indoor CO2 concentration, PM2.5 concentration and RH & T. Optionally, the signal of the controller can control the operation and the speed of the fan of a ventilation system directly.

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It can be widely used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, and can effectively improve air quality and create a healthy, comfortable, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving living and working environment.

The sensor is vital to monitor the air quality in your working environment. In many countries this has become obligatory.

• Built-in sensors including CO2 sensor, dust sensor (PM2.5), RH & T sensor
• Real-time monitor indoor air quality
• Ventilation control function via RS485 control output
• Fashionable and compact design

Additional information

Working principle

PM:Laser scattering principle

Measurement range


PM2.5 Measurement accuracy

≤ 100μg/m³:±10μg/m³
> 100μg/m³:±10% reading
(Reference Instrument TSI 8530,25±2℃,50±10%RH)

CO2 Measurement accuracy

±(50ppm+5% reading)@ 0~50℃

Temperature Measurement accuracy


Humidity Measurement accuracy


PM Response time T90


CO2 Response time T90


Working condition


Storage condition


Working voltage

DC 12V

Working current


Standby current


Signal Output


Installation hole distance



86 mm * 86 mm * 24,9 mm


PM:≥5 years
CO2:≥10 years


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