InsightAir Outdoor Sensor

Outdoor sensor

De InsightAir-sensor voor buitenluchtkwaliteit meet:

☁ Temperature
☁ Relative humidity
☁ CO2
☁ PM2.5
☁ NO2
☁ O3
☁ SO2
☁ H2S

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The Outdoor Sensor can be used in:

The InsightAir Outdoor Sensor, also known as an outdoor air quality sensor, is used to measure the air quality outside buildings. This calibrated monitor detects gases that contribute to an unhealthy outside air, such as ozone (O3) and nitrogen dioxide (NOx). Typical sources that pollute the outside air are combustion engines, factories and industrial emissions.

The way of operating

The Outdoor Sensor is connected to the InsightAir’s cloud platform, where data is stored for further analysis. In addition, you can fall back on it for real-time monitoring, you can download the data or turn it into clear pinboards, set alarms …

A unique username and password is provided for each sensor network, where an unlimited number of sensors can be added. There is no need to install a minimum number of sensors.

This air monitor is supplied calibrated and is ready for professional use. An (annual) calibration is strongly recommended for optimal use as well as an extension of the service life.

«Connected through air quality. »

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Additional information


5 VDC, 500 mA (max.)

Response time

30 sec


> 10 years





Sampling Interval

Standard - 5 minutes/custom interval upon request/

Sensor modules incl.

Total air quality, Monitoring of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone


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