Air quality monitoring and air purification in a hospital environment

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Biggest aesthetics surgery clinics in Europe

One of the biggest aesthetics surgery clinics in Europe trusted again in the services of InsightAir Europe. The current air quality monitoring system has been expanded and improved by installing new air quality sensors, that have been installed in both offices and operating theaters. Due to the complicated situation following the pandemic of COVID19, the management of the clinic decided to replace the existing air purifiers with new HEPA filters, class 14.

Expansion to the rest of Europe

Firstly, in its operating theaters, the clinic strives for air quality class D according to GMP or ISO7 according to EN 14644. Secondly, using sensors to monitor the fine particles from InsightAir, the clinic can easily monitor the air quality in the operating rooms. For instance, extended reports are sent in every 6 months, and the integrated codes in the monitoring platform is assisting to evaluate every time whether they meet the ISO standard. Similar equipment is planned to be installed in all 6 branches of the clinic, located in different locations in Europe.

Endless possibilities

In conclusion, the possibilities for monitoring and air purification, through the expertise of InsightAir, are practically unlimited. However, at times when countless companies advertise and offer air purification, it is extremely important to choose a trustable partner with a reputation and experience in the field. You can contact us now to receive an individual offer.

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