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The simple subscription solution for specified air quality, tailored to your environment and needs.

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Data analysis


Yearly calibration


48h service




Multiple users

Data storage

WiFi of GPRS


Air quality controller

Now the fun part can start! By adding the Air Quality Controller® to our Air Quality Monitor, you can monitor and control other devices, such as air purifiers. The benefits are lego:

  • Gain accurate insights into your air purifier and its use
  • Keep track of the total amount the air purifier has been switched on.
  • Receive notifications by our in-built system when the filter needs to be replaced.
  • Save on maintenance costs, by making optimal use of the filters
  • Connect it to your building system
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Three main elements.


Air Quality Monitor

We have developed a series of monitors as standard, but we can develop a tailored one for you.

  • Indoor, industrial, medical, cleanroom and outdoor monitors
  • Or: customize your own AQM!
  • Up to 12 parameters; everything that you want can be measured!
  • Connect via WiFi or GPRS
  • 24/7 monitoring

Online dashboard

  • Free access
  • Mobile application
  • Visual pinboards
  • Alarms (sms, email)
  • Live & historical data
  • Export & share
  • Maps
  • Multiple users


  • Installation and implementation
  • Yearly calibration
  • Helpdesk
  • Support platform
  • Follow-up platform
  • 48u service


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Discover our latest projects

De Leerexpert Begijnevest Observaty Refter

Air quality monitoring schools in Antwerp

Different parameters of air quality are measured in 30 different schools of the AGSO Antwerp. The monitors are placed in classrooms, teachers' rooms, playgrounds, dining rooms and
Pexels photo 236705

Monitoring of Ethylene Oxide

InsighAir monitors the concentration of ethylene oxide in a Dutch warehouse.
Insight Airairqualitymonitorat Wellness Kliniek

Air quality monitoring private clinic

InsightAir monitort de luchtkwaliteit in enkele operatie- en herstelkamers in de Wellness Kliniek Genk. Fijnstof deeltjes moeten hier onder een bepaalde grenswaarde blijven.