Air Quality monitoring Wellness Kliniek

Wellness Kliniek Genk

At the Wellnes Kliniek Genk, one of the leading clinics for cosmetic surgery, the air in some operating and recovery rooms is monitored by InsightAir. These rooms are equipped with a Medical Air Quality Monitor and an air purifier. The Air Quality Monitor permanently measures air quality, specifically CO2, relative humidity, PM2.5, number of fine dust particles, VOCs and temperature. These values can be consulted at any time via our Connect platform. Here the current and historical data are always visible. The interesting thing in this project is that the Air Quality Monitor controls the air purifier if a certain parameter exceeds the preset limit. In this way, InsightAir ensures that Wellness Clinic always stays within the ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standard, classification ISO8. Annually, we provide Wellness Clinic with a report and a certificate of cleanliness.